I love reading quotes on T-shirts… And i love buying ones with them.. So here are a few that I have seen and will keep seeing.

“I don’t worry about Terrorism, I had a girlfriend for 2 years” – Srinath’s Tee. 😀

Love it.. So true.. 😀

“God is too large to fit into one religion” — This is one of the more famous Tantra t-shirts.

I love this quote. If I were a believer, I’d say this to every single person I have a conversation about religion with. Sadly i’m not a believer, but I did buy one of those tees and sported it for quite a long time.

I’m a Fuckin’ Lesbian” – A afro-american girl seen wearing a purple tee with this written in golden colored print.

Associated Story ::: — An afro-american guy sitting right next to me says “Did her shirt read what I just read? Wow… I’m a fuckin’ lesbian? That’s like saying “Dude don’t even try.. don’t waste your time. I like what you like.. ” :D. Meanwhile when i was about to get off the bus, a white lady sitting next to us comments “I’m thinking of buying a shirt which says “I’m straight!” 😀

I’m not here to make friends” – A guy reading a book sitting in the UB Shuttle (UB Stampede as it is called).

Associated Story ::: — The guy looked so serious reading the book. He didn’t look around at all.. AT ALL.. through the bus trip to the North Campus, which is not very far, just about 15 min. But good enough to stand by what his shirt read.

I love money, shopping and boys

Duh!!! Thanks.. Thanks for informing.. I, SO didn’t know that was uncommon. You’re just awesome girl!!!


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