Small bucket list

This is the smaller bucket list that grows every few days. This isn’t about “Ooohhh Backpack through Europe” and shit like that. This is smaller things in life. Bake an original cake - original recipeLearn a  good card trickLearn jugglingGet an article published in the news paperUpload a YouTube video


The Benglish Podcast

I have this strange idea. Sitting alone having a glass of rum in the sweltering heat of Delhi, you wouldn’t expect a rational idea would you? I remember me and a very dear friend of mine once had a conversation while on a weekend trip from Delhi. We were all in a car and talking … Continue reading The Benglish Podcast

Profound realizations

There are moments in life when you have certain profound realizations about yourself, about life and other things. I feel a sense of void somedays.. and today is one such evening.. Over listening to this beautiful piece of music [starting from 7:00] I come to realize how fragile life is.. how emotions work in our … Continue reading Profound realizations