One-Liners I have gathered over time.. spoken by my friends over time through conversations, chats, mails, FB posts et al.

I never had goals for myself beyond the age of 25, but i realize it’s a wonderful place to be, coz it means you can whip out plans everyday ” – Swasti Mishra (During a chat on how she’d want to be an amazing 30yr old)

“I have a treadmill for sale. The only exercise I get from it is moving it around ” -colleague at polycom on mail

BigMac is the best thing to have happened to your mouth since teeth –  On the radio.(ROFL)

Illiterate Bengali is a joke – Akshay Viswanathan

You have the intellectual capacity of a mouse pointer – Aruni Bhattacharya (one of my closest friends) [I haven’t come across a better smack than this EVER… Seriously!!!]

Style is like ass.. everyone has it! – Read on a forum on coding styles. But guess it applies quite globally.

Repeat this song” is one feature that Music app making companies should’ve thought hard of before introducing. It’s ruined many waking hours of many lives!!! – By the moi

The nerdity of a human lies in his ability to be nerdious. – By the Moi 🙂

Saving is consumerism needlessly postponed – Rury Sutherland in a TED Talk

Your roomate will always win the race to the shower when you want it the most – Moi

A penny saved, is ridiculous. – A guy on a tech forum had this as his signtaure.

“Regret comes late in life.”Priyam Chakraborty

“Sometimes buying coriander can cheer me up. But right now I need Diamonds” – Shruti

“Don’t teach me the rules of the game I taught you.” – Akshay Viswanathan (to friends while Playing some stupid self-invented game)

” I was very responsible.. because my parents thought I was “Shruti (on Chat)

I hear you faster than you speak” – Binny Malik (Attempting to explain the lag on a video chat)


One thought on “One-Liners

  1. people try to do help the rich and famous as if they are going to write a portion of their wealth to them…..

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