This sounds like a running commentary

But i'm a little surprised at myself. After a long long time seeing myself do random stuff is fun! Last evening I checked into a hotel i'd booked earlier. I had a wonderful hot tub bath, a good footlong from Subway, a super-sized can of Coke (which I dislike but thanks to lack of availability … Continue reading This sounds like a running commentary


WWF Camp – 1

A wildlife camp I attended as a kid of 10. One of the most amazing trips of my life.. where i learnt to live by myself and with a completely unknown set of people. If ever you happen to visit Bokaro Steel City, there in the city center market is  a book shop called "Student's … Continue reading WWF Camp – 1

Train Journey

Trains remind me of my blissful used to bethe appetizer for the vacation ahead at my grandparents' place or Delhi... it’slike the starters they serve before the main course comes in. All the rattleand chatter around with Moms silencing their children and dads talking aboutpolitics and children jumping around... it was probably one of … Continue reading Train Journey