Day 22 ~ Rant about something

Comes at a good time. Sometimes procrastination works well. I didn’t know what to rant about and so I was held up on this post for a couple of days until finally.. something irritated me!!!

I am in Denver and there is so much happening around and I’ve been a lone traveller for a large part of my life. And I never have issues travelling and long travels don’t bother me. So i’m essentially up for going any length of travel if I’ve to go to some place. But…. if there is not public transportation at all, you really can’t do much except get frustrated and rant!

So I am going to rant about the public transport in United Fucking states of America. This place has so much to see and if you go to a hotel lobby and look at the rack in there for the tourist attractions you’ll find about 4-50 pamphlets and you’re on cloud number 9. You then sit and start to plan, and you find not a bus ,not a train, not a shuttle service that goes to the places you want to go.

You HAVE to rent a car and drive and there is simply NO other way you get to any place in this country. Like seriously.. I’m a tourist for a month and you expect me to know driving and go around? Why??? Why the assumption that I will know driving, that I will have enough to spend on a cab or a car rental? Why can’t you be a little more cunsumer friendly??

Why do I have to have $1 bills when I take a bus. You don’t have 5 , $1 bills, you have to slip in $10 note and just shut the fuck up and see the machine eat it !

A Coke vending machine in this country can understand what a $5, $10 note looks like.. why can’t you put that small machine into this bus of yours and help the passenger who’s willing to travel??? Give him a chance!

People ask my why I dislike this country… this is why I dislike. There are presets for everything, you’re bound by that. You can’t have a simple old school corn flakes and decide what to add to it. You’ve cinnamon flakes, Raisin Bran, chocolate floaters, fruity loops.. this that and all the crap. But no old school corn flakes!!! That apparently is the costliest one! Seriously America???

You can’t play with your friend on the ground… you need to join a coaching class and take a membership in a field or club to play a sport. You can’t just swim for the fun of it in a swimming pool.. swim in the lane you are in. You can’t dive unless you have a diving board, or a diving pool… WTF??

What if my community doesn’t have a diving pool..? Why can’t I dive in the pool at my own risk?

Bloody people… a system that controls your choices.. makes you choose and like what they want. Forces you to like it and market it.. and then you’re one of them..


I need a drink.. Good bye!


People are liars

I just discovered my scrapbook from college. The ones you had where your classmates filled in the answers to weird questions there. Like “What does love mean to you? ”

“What do you fear most?”

“Most embarrassing moment”

“Most memorable moment”

and lastly “Write something about me”

The last one is where it gets a little hazy.. People have quite consitently written “You’re a nice, smart, handsome guy! Who blah blah blah…” and I’m like WTF.. you kidding me????

Like if someone wrote that today I’d not go nuts over it. I’d be like “Ya.. okay.. I’m not THAT bad”. But school???? Seriously dude.. you’ve got to be kidding me.. I just think they’d nothing more to write about me.. I was one of the most unsmart, clumsy and slothy guys in the class. Like I see the pics even now and I go.. just how could I manage the level dumbness and lack of sense of self that I possessed. ! No wonder my mom was perpetually blowing her head off on me ! And my sister was busy teaching me tricks to look better and complaining about my stupid haircut! or the lack of it.. whatever!

And my friends.. They knew it.. Like I was a guy in my teens, they knew words like “smart”, “handsome”, “cool”, “funny”  would make me happy you know.. and obviously they were tired of filling those form like books for every single classmate they ever had !!! Duh!

So they must’ve had a template for guys, for girls, for crushes and obviously for their one single lou.. ! Or the many past ones..

Bleddy!!! All liars… all of them… ! Every single one of them !!! The world is a Lie and Douglas Adams was right when he said “This is an interesting world I find myself in—an interesting hole I find myself in—fits me rather neatly, doesn’t it? In fact it fits me staggeringly well, must have been made to have me in it!”

Oh wait… This is a good one.. but not the right one..  I was looking for this …

“We don’t have to save the world. The world is big enough to look after itself. What we have to be concerned about is whether or not the world we live in will be capable of sustaining us in it.”

All I can do now a decade later is drink it up… and shoot it down the pot.. and Flush it so the pot is clean!!!

So Drink me up hearties..

By the By..

Playing host to friends

It’s been a long standing wish of mine to play host to my friends. To have someone come over lovingly and willingly to my place, stay over and feel at home and let me cook for them, make their bed and entertain them with taking around to places. Guess with the passing time and fading friends and their loss of their independence through marriages, I shall never see this wish come true.. 

Infidelity seems to be the in thing

This generation is fascinated by Infidelity and most of us find people around it getting attracted to “more the better” adage in this respect than in any other

More the boyfriends / girlfriends you have had.. better you are.. More guys/ girls you’ve slept with more experienced you are.. 

But all this is only in the ‘cool’ space.. the moment you present that guy in front of you and say get married if he’s that cool.. they go “Are you serious??? He’s/She’s fucking crazy dude.. Look at her past!” Look at your past.. 🙂 

Look in the mirror I say and as Peter Dale Wimbrow Jr. once said : 

The man, whose verdict counts most in your life

is the one staring back from the glass.

By the by..