Day 22 ~ Rant about something

Comes at a good time. Sometimes procrastination works well. I didn't know what to rant about and so I was held up on this post for a couple of days until finally.. something irritated me!!! I am in Denver and there is so much happening around and I've been a lone traveller for a large … Continue reading Day 22 ~ Rant about something


People are liars

I just discovered my scrapbook from college. The ones you had where your classmates filled in the answers to weird questions there. Like "What does love mean to you? " "What do you fear most?" "Most embarrassing moment" "Most memorable moment" and lastly "Write something about me" The last one is where it gets a … Continue reading People are liars

Infidelity seems to be the in thing

This generation is fascinated by Infidelity and most of us find people around it getting attracted to "more the better" adage in this respect than in any otherMore the boyfriends / girlfriends you have had.. better you are.. More guys/ girls you've slept with more experienced you are.. But all this is only in the 'cool' … Continue reading Infidelity seems to be the in thing