I was talking to my mother today and somewhere thru the conversation we drifted to my early days in school when i used to take part in skit and drama competitions. We don't call that theatre in India not when you're 10 -15 yrs old. But we do take it as seriously.  We didn't have … Continue reading Theatre



We had a meeting today and one of the other interns with me is from China. I had to assign a task to each of the interns and wanted their names. I asked him his name if he'd want it as Mr.Long or as Mr.Michael. He said he preferred Michael because he was tired of … Continue reading Funny

Day 11 ~ 10 Things no one else knows about you yet.

Already posted this and thought this one was better than selling myself. 🙂 I love umbrellas I suffer with an OCD of walking the sidewalks and not stepping on lines, much like Jack Nicholson’s in As good as it gets. I have a problem with twisted wires of any appliance. I like them neatly rolled. I … Continue reading Day 11 ~ 10 Things no one else knows about you yet.