Ladakh… The Road Trip!

It’s the afternoon of 2nd of August and we are sitting in Karol Bagh market on bikes, not ours but the shop owners, waiting for the motorbikes we are supposed to take for the trip to be serviced and ready. We while away our time shopping for some basic stuff like a balaclava, until 6pm … Continue reading Ladakh… The Road Trip!


Hello World

Do you sometimes wake up in the morning walk out to your porch / balcony and look straight and ask.. “How are you world?” :”D I do it now and then.. It’s important man.. World needs love, someone who cares, someone who cares if it burned the house down or if all is well.. I … Continue reading Hello World

Profound realizations

There are moments in life when you have certain profound realizations about yourself, about life and other things. I feel a sense of void somedays.. and today is one such evening.. Over listening to this beautiful piece of music [starting from 7:00] I come to realize how fragile life is.. how emotions work in our … Continue reading Profound realizations