Day 30 ~ React to this term: Letting Go

Some of the most important and hardest things I’ve had to do. And quite ironically this comes at a point in time when I’m finally letting it go.

Letting go of questions, of the urge to have answers.

Letting go off some of the baggage I’ve carried for a while now

Letting go off some of the hopes I held on to

Letting go off some people I’ve hung on to

Letting go off some dreams and wishes

Letting go off myself after holding back for quite a while now.

Convincing and allowing myself to lose control of events to life itself than to own every single thing I do and be responsible for it.

Just letting go life like I once was able to so comfortably. The art I forgot totally in living life coated with the delusion of emotion, affection, love and companions, that which appeared forever.

Drink up me hearties.. Drink up!!! 🙂


Day 29 ~ Songs or pieces of music that speak to you

Thenpandi Cheemayile : A song which I do not understand completely but it does strike a chord in me. A not so happy one, but it doss lighten me.


Ekla_Chalo_Re : A song written by Rabindranath Tagore. A masterpiece. I read the meaning of the lyrics on Wikipedia and it left me heavy and inspired both at the same time. The lyrics are extremely deep, philosophical and heavy.

Aye mere Pyare watan : A song that gives me goosebumps every single time without exception that I listen to it.. Every single time!

First it’s the story Kabuliwallah . A stunningly moving story by Rabindranath Tagore. I remember reading it as a child and every attempt I made at reading it, left me in tears some 3/4th into the story and I could almost never finish it. The song is the most patriotic in my view in what I’ve heard so far.

He sings about how it pains for him to be away from his motherland and his daughter and that if there was any place he would like to die it would be his motherland.


Day 28 ~ Only pictures


I really couldn’t think of so pictures which left a lasting memory. Pictures of events or concerning events. None from my life at least.

I thought I’d post pictures of events that left a lasting impression in my mind. Here are a few.

India’s Triumph in Cricket World Cup 2011. : Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been watching cricket and every single world cup we participated in, there used to be huge ad campaigns motivating the team to go and win the tournament and every single time we had one or the other weak link and we’d come back dejected. This time however it was a wild run! I remember watching the match sitting in Chennai with my parents and when Dhoni hit that six, me and mom both had tears in our eyes. And I just said “Finally, we did it!”. From what I’d heard, people were on the streets in Delhi and Mumbai. Millions on the streets with car stereos blaring songs and people dancing and rejoicing. It was one evening when the whole country was celebrating. We have festivals but each one belongs to a religion and so not ALL people celebrate any of the festivals. This however was a unified celebration!!!


Sachin Tendulkar’s 200 : Another force within the larger force of cricket, on which every single Indian stands on the same viewpoint is Sachin Tendulkar. He is probably the one most loved son of India.. unparalleled. I haven’t come across a single Indian, not one, who isn’t a fan of this man. When he was close to hitting a double century somewhere in his 180s, people in offices accross the country stopped working and ran to the cafeterias. I ran too once he reached 186, his previous highest. And then began the struggle to get to the 200 mark. Slowly he made it to 197 and then there were just 3 balls to go with the captain on strike. And the crowd booed Dhoni’s six and 4 that came off that over because it didn’t matter what India scored anymore. When Sachin came on strike the air was tense as never before. It’s amazing, the amount of silence that a group of 100, twenty and thirty year olds can generate, while in a cafeteria. You could actually hear a pin drop when the bowl was being balled. And then he just directed the ball and dashed for the non-striker’s end. The crowd erupted, with it erupted every cafeteria in India’s companies, every crowd that had gathered around TV screens any and everywhere. This was a moment of triumph. Of firsts.. and it was pure joy!

Sachin Tendulkar


Qutubuddin Ansari pleading the mob to spare his family during the Godhra Carnage. :

I’ll never forget this image. I remember seeing this image in the newspaper when all of this was taking place in our country. I was in std 10 and I was suddenly into the news big time and reading the newspaper was something I used to look forward to. I remember a chill going down my spine when I saw this image. It was the most shameful incident this country has ever witnessed, where the country stood quietly and watched processions of bodies going to the grave on TV and  newspapers and none of us bothered to look inside ourselves and question if we were okay with that humanity that was dying within us as we went to offices, had our lunches and laughed on small jokes and got back home and slept a sound sleep while mobs of hundreds were slaughtering people in huge numbers in a part of our country for no fault of theirs. For just one reason, God. A creation of man, that has left more misery in this world than peace and happiness.




The Tank man  and this video of his.

Heroes are born out of ordinary people. This video speaks all. And this image is inspiring. One man against an army and his defiance coming out of the belief of him being right, and he actually being right! (not like the ones who live in their rarified bubble, like Hitler and the likes)




I’m not sure this is as intense as the other images especially in the order in which I’ve taken you, but this image stands clear in my mind because I had a CD of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album which I flicked from my cousin brother and it had  a small booklet with this as the cover image. Michael Jackson was my hero as I was growing up. As was with most of the kids in the 80s and 90s. He embodied the definition of an artistic genius with such beautiful music and dance that just left the world spellbound. I grew up listening to Thriller and Bad. And his music lifts me up even today. I cannot get his songs off my playlist ever. I cried the day I heard of his demise. I don’t care what he was accused of, he did as much for the Black community as Oprah, Malcolm X and the likes did. And he’ll be my hero always.




By the by..

Day 27 ~ A letter to your readers

There’s a lot that I write here on this blog. This is my home ground. 

This is dear to me. I chose to put my life in public view recently after a spate of events which forced me into deep thought and repeated introspection. I realized I wanted to be creative, expressive and fresh. Although a lot of thoughts here are repeated over different posts, I try not to repeat unless it really holds relevance in the context of my writing.

At other times what I write aren’t very proof read or reviewed through a prism that is politically correct or that is neutral (although i’m seldom biased I feel) or that covers all the viewpoints. This is because I write to express my views, my opinions, my emotions at that point in time. I write because something happened that needed a mention, because it affected me in one way or another. I write so I can, tomorrow, look back and see what changes I’ve gone through, how my view has broadened since I wrote that, or suffered that, or laughed at that. 

So while I try not to be accusative, provocative or hurtful in my expression, I would like you to read it with the fact in mind that I am an individual and my views originate from my experiences and from what I learn from other’s mistakes. Unfortunately I cannot accommodate other’s experiences into my life, but I can and am very open to views and arguments that will open me up. 

So read on, express, think, laugh, giggle and if and when possible leave a comment! I’ll know someone somewhere sits in his/her room / workplace and reads what I’ve to say and smiles or cries or fumes! It’s after all a story.. I’m just someone who’s writing.. 🙂

Drink up me hearties!!! 

To people who love writing and creating! 

Day 26 ~ Something you read online. Leave a link and discuss, if you’d like.

Simply one of the best articles I’ve read about a sports personality, his trials and his triumph!


I just love how he puts in perfect words what it must be to be Rafael Nadal. This one article brought the whole story of the player to me and I became a fan of Nadal. I completely shared his views about supporting Federer over Nadal.

I’ll leave the rest to the article and your views on it.

By the By