I will post random stuff like so many others do.. but some will be deep, some shallow and some meaningless, contextless and useless shit. Read what you think will suit your taste.. leave the rest..

This blog, at times may reflect my mood, but don’t be too concerned.. just read on.. I mean every word of what I write. I’m ready to argue it with you to any extent possible. None of it is fake, farce or made up to suit your readership. All of it is me and my views. I wouldn’t have a problem if you judge me through this blog and later quote me. I’ll stand by it, and provide the requisite explanation for it if and when required !!!

Most of what i write will include sarcasm, humor and light observations. The rest might be sad, heavy, philosophical, poetic and various other genres.

So… Drink me up hearties!!! and keep sailin’

Bye the Bye


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