Profound realizations

There are moments in life when you have certain profound realizations about yourself, about life and other things. I feel a sense of void somedays.. and today is one such evening..

Over listening to this beautiful piece of music [starting from 7:00] I come to realize how fragile life is.. how emotions work in our minds.. One such emotion is anger..

I realized that anger is borne out of love… not hatred.. hatred leads to envy.. not anger.. hatred leads to anger towards the self and envy towards the other.. Love on the other hand is the cause of anger towards a person. You love them so much that you can’t see them do a certain thing.. you love them so much that you can’t see them make half-hearted efforts.. you can’t see them fail… you can’t see them suffer.. you can’t see them make sacrifices that won’t result in anything..

Anger can only be born where there is love.. they’re both like ying and yang..  one can’t exist without the other.. Once you lose love.. you lose anger.. and that is why you don’t feel anything when you hear about a murder in a distant land.. there is no love for that human being.. and hence there is no anger.. hence there is no intent to take an action against injustice.. But the same thing when it happens to someone you know or love.. you are overcome by anger and a feeling of revenge or purpose depending on how to channelize it.. you suddenly want to repair the system, you want to help the judiciary strengthen it’s arms and fight injustice better.

i’ll leave it at that..

By the by

Drink up me hearties!


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