Welcome to Amrika

All you see is the Broadway street
The River Charles and the MIT
The glamor of the Vegas and the Mazeratis

The hum of the Harleys silence the rumble of the wind
The tornado hit homes and the lack of electricity
The oh so beautiful buildings against the poverty

All you see is the Statue of Liberty
Jefferson calling and the pursuit of Happy
The oh Be the change with Obama and family

Columbine is forgotten while Walmart sells guns
And you go to war just for a few oil drums
Killing million children forgetting the pain of those mums

Sri Lanka must pay for its war crimes
And Syria should not use chemical weapons
But I shall use drones to bomb cities

For I am righteous in killing innocent people
But thou shall pay for thy audacity
Because god blesseth only America

Welcome to the Yunnited States of Ummerika
The immigration will measure you up n down
And then they’ll strip you n tap your bossoms n bums

And you’ll be looked down upon
For the non-white skin you have worn
And the non-american tongue you talk in

You’ll be monitored and watched
And punished and made to live in fear
And will have forgotten was it is to be free

Welcome to the States
Where the corporates rule
And George Carlin loses his voice.


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