You sit on a quiet summer evening at your work desk, staring at the collage of family photos on the wall in front of you, blank. Then you’re struck with the thought of all your expenses out of nowhere.. 

Then you start paying your bills and suddenly you find yourself broke! You’re frustrated, You’ve bills to pay but not enough money. You recount your last week and can’t seem to find a single huge spending that you could’ve avoided. Where did I go wrong in my finances? You look at the sources you were supposed to get money from. Your tax refund is pending, your friends haven’t paid what they owe you yet. Oh.. you have to pay a few of your friends too. Wow!!! Like the bills weren’t gift enough for the evening! 

You just had a fight with your friend in the afternoon, it’s a Saturday, you didn’t have the best of weeks at work. You’re trying to work on a few of your projects but have made zero or no progress at all. It’s FRUSTRATING!!!! 

Then you check your spam folder. You find a mail from your former manager from last year and it’s a sweet sweet mail. The last thing you expected to see! And they say how they were discussing fun stuff from times back then in the office meeting. This, when you’ve been wanting to get back into that company and the job market isn’t allowing you enough bandwidth to do so. But the mail makes you smile and the fact that they remember you, appreciate what you did while at the company and would like you to get back and work for them make it really sweet. 

And you wonder, which one should I feel more about? The failed financial planning or the wonderful mail, and the wall in front of you has nothing written on it to give you a clue but hey, you know it. It’s the mail of course! A smile is worth a lot more than a sad smiley ! 

It made your day better and you don’t want to lose the better for the stupid n bad. So you walk up to the kitchen cabinet, pull out your coffee mug and pour some coffee and sit with your computer and say. Lets now screw the tax people with an evil smile!!!


Drink up me hearties!!! [Malibu – Carribean rum! 😉 ]

By the By


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