The Graduate

I graduated with a Masters degree in Computer Science today. I walked into my department building and confirmed my grades and walked out of it with a calm demeanor, something that I manage to keep in moments where most people expect boisterous elation or sinking sadness, I am quite stone faced and usual in my attitude. It hits me late, to put in simple words.

I walked a few steps and something said to me “It’s over! What you’ve been fighting for and fighting against is over.”, that’s when I smiled. I entered the food court and they have the speakers playing the radio on them and this time it was playing “High Hopes” – Pink Floyd (The Division Bell). I smiled again, this time nodding my head and thinking “Boy.. wow.. Of all the songs this? Pink Floyd? The one band I have associated most with in the last year and a half”.

Felt like the circle was complete. I came here distraught, distressed in a state of trance, with a baggage from India, to an unknown land, not knowing anyone, in a place to fulfill my dreams. I thought of the world I’d left behind.. 

The grass was greener
The light was brighter
With friends surrounded
The nights of wonder

I found friends, I made friends. I found ideas, I was exposed to ideas, I found knowledge, I found the need for it. I laughed at it, struggled with it, was surprised by it, tormented by it and finally conquered it. 

Here I was standing tall, I’d graduated not just in the subject, I’d graduated from what I had come in as, to what I am today. from being a nervous wreck to a happy guy. From being a tangled mesh of emotions to a detached, happy and content soul. From a an emotionally overdependent guy to someone who cares only when he wants to. 

I have grown as a person, in intellect and in knowledge. This school has given me a lot. The professors who have multiple papers to their names and who still are extremely humble and down to earth. Who believe in motivating through appreciation and not through comparison or sarcasm. Who are pioneers in their fields and yet are open to new ideas and to listening to what you have to say. They’ve done exactly what I came here for. Helped me think creatively, provide me with the confidence that I can achieve what I think I want to. I can work on my ideas and make them happen! I once again feel I can conquer the world after a good long time. 

This has been a good journey!

Drink up me hearties… Drink up! 


2 thoughts on “The Graduate

  1. I couldn’t be more proud of you, Akshay.
    It takes great courage and perseverance to go through what you did – dream, and then make it happen.

    I am sure you will look upon the trivialities that you have had to undergo and smile now.

    Have always believed in you and I’m eager to see what you will conquer next! Drink up, indeed. Hugs!

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