10 Things I hope to do every birthday from the next one onwards

Here are 20 things I hope to do every single birthday from the next one onwards, in the hope that I will  continue to make enough money to do all these or most of these in times when i don’t have enough :

  1. Feed 10 kids who haven’t had a feast in a long time.
  2. Buy warm clothes for an elderly person known or unknown
  3. Hug and thank a public worker who does a thankless job
  4. Contribute to the operational costs of someone who needs a treatment in India known or unknown
  5. Plant a tree
  6. Buy someone a book they’ve long wanted to read
  7. Not use any electrical equipment or motor vehicle unless one of the above tasks demands the use of one
  8. Call up 5 friends I haven’t spoken to in 6 months
  9. Donate money to the Asha Lata Kendra School in Bokaro Steel City, India. This school teaches physically disabled children free of cost.
  10. Meet and thank an army personnel or a policeman for keeping us safe!

My inspiration comes from this video I saw a few years ago.


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