Of friends and gossips

I’m not sure if it’s me or is it a common emotion that when you let in your friend on some of your past stories that were unpleasant, it’s implicit that they’re listening to that story from you first hand because they own my trust on it. Trust here by default or implicitly encompasses the condition that the secret has to stay between their two ears, mouth and the nose. That they’re not entitled to even breathe about it to anyone without my consent. 

I am quite disillusioned by the latest discoveries of people talking about me and exchanging opinions I thought were meant for a one-one interaction between me and them. Yes you’re in my circle, but that circle is governed by the rule that you don’t pass any information between each other without going through me. I’m the master of every topic of your discussion about my personal life. You want to talk about me in a common context go ahead.. about my talents, skills, good habits, bad ones, quirks, annoying habits etc etc go ahead. But you want to talk about my past relationships, my family, my stand about common friends, my opinions about specific things which are concerned with my private life.. NO! Stay out of it. Assume that the other person knows nothing of what you know about me.

I’m just sick of people talking about me to each other. If any of you readers by any chance happen to be a good friend of mine, take this as a rule or I drop you like a hot potato off my list of trusted people. You’ll stop receiving any updates of my life’s events that I do not otherwise make public.

Happy week ahead!


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