I just happened to check my Facebook and an old friend had sent me a page to be liked. She has developed a game on Android. I asked “What if I don’t like your page?“.

“Do it for old times’ sake dude.” she said. I smiled and said.. “You mean, for the times we caught dragonflies?” And after a pause comes “Oh… those dragonflies! What good old memories!”.. I smiled..

As a  kid of 5 or so I would go to school in the school bus and would return in the afternoon. This friend of mine also returned at the exact same time. So we both would get down from our respective buses, high five and start walking back home. There would be lots of dragonflies on the grass by the side of the road. We’d stop and get into the stealth mode and slowly sit down on the grass keeping our eyes fixed on the dragonfly. One swift sweep of the hands and there you have it in your hands. A blue dragon fly in one hand, a green one in the other and we’d walk back home slowly. Many a times she’d catch a couple for me. I wasn’t too good at it initially but she was a pro. Her hands moved so fast. I was almost in awe of her skill. We’d make the dragonfly lift a little twig and observe it fiddle with the twig. About 20-30 steps later we’d be home and we’d set them free.

Those walks where we discussed dragonflies remains etched in my mind. And to revisit them 20 years hence with the person you spent those days is pure bliss. I think the fact that you find friends in unexpected ways is one extremely interesting aspect of life, also what sticks in your mind and what doesn’t.

Life is beautiful… So drink up…!!!


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