I spent my evening today at the University Library. The Health Sciences Library at UB is so amazing! You walk into the study atrium and you feel like having entered the Royal Library or something in London.


Spending about 4 hrs studying there is like the most relaxing 4 hours of a day for a month now. Not picking on something to eat or drink and not going to the restroom every now n then, no sounds, no roommates to converse with. No distractions whatsoever. You look up and see everyone looking down.

Tranquility and wisdom in the air in a library, next only to that in a cemetry. 

Funny as it may sound, I came across this line in Khushwant Singh’s Absolute Khushwant where he says that he found peace in the cemetery. At times of distress and anxiety he’d walk to a cemetery and sit quietly. It’s almost like reading an old sage saying there is wisdom in the air of a cemetery that i have experienced. The wisdom of all the people who lay there in peace, through all they learnt in their lives.. A library holds the life’s wisdom of all those people who spent their lives studying, mastering and sharing the subjects they loved and learnt about. You only have to listen!

Drink up me hearties! Drink up..

Alcohol is the anesthesia by which we endure the operation of life. Said the great George Bernard Shaw

So long!

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