The Chennai Express phenomenon

I see people throwing abuses at the movie and it’s portrayal of South India and the fact that they call the whole of India below Madhya Pradesh as “Madras” and the people “Madrasi” after some movie that a rubbish yet highly popular movie star stars in. 

I ask them abusers the following few questions : 

  • Mumbai is portrayed as the city of the underworld. The most popular movies based in Mumbai are all about the underworld and criminal dons. The most famous Tamilian movie Nayagan is based in Mumbai and is about a smuggler. Do you think Mumbai is safe and that people there do more than just roam in the streets shooting and extorting money? At least the mumbaikars aren’t complaining!
  • Bihar is always shown as the one state that is poor and has only goons and hooligans and tricksters. I see no protest among them about any such movie. Almost every single corrupt politician in any movie is from Bihar btw! 
  • I was called a punjabi by almost every Tamilian I knew in Chennai during my graduation. I look more like a north indian agreed, but why then was I called a Punjabi? Because to a south Indian there are Punjabis who stay up in the north. No Bengali, no oriya, no bihari, no Himachali. Why then, we don’t seem to take much offense to that and instead quite politely correct tell them the state we are from!
  • Gajhini one of the more famous movies in Tamil film industry has a villian who abuses in hindi. How many north indian characters have you managed to portray in their true light??? 

It’s a movie.. and it’s very evident that they don’t mean it to be serious.. It’s not Gangs of Madras! So take it with a pinch of salt.. If you cannot, then don’t watch it.. You won’t give money to that crooked stinking sloth of an actor you guys die to have a glimpse of. The movie will die a bad death on it’s own just like his earlier venture Ra.One did! 

Don’t throw it up on Twitter, Facebook and other social media and hype it up even more.. Streisand Effect they call it..

Drink up of gulp it.. whichever.. just don’t spill it on the ‘wall’



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