Last 3 months

The last 3 months have been different. I had spent about 10 months in Buffalo, NY, going through 2 semester of my Masters degree in Computer Science.

I met some interesting people, inspiring and wonderful professors, experts in their fields, humble and broad-minded. Some PhD holders and others having a heavy industry experience yet open to a 2 line mail without salutations. Willing to listen, appreciate, encourage and treat you like an intelligent student.

Then I came here to Denver, Colorado for an internship. I was entering the industry that I had longed to get out of just a few years ago. Struggled for 2yrs before I got into the university excited about exams and lectures instead of quarterly reviews and weekly meetings. But here I was back to the 9-5 schedule. I was apprehensive, with pre-conceived notions and ready to react at the first chance given to me.

A week or two into it, and I realized I was among another set of learned people, who respected my intellect, and treated me no less. People who were in the industry for over 25 yrs now, almost having seen the first Apple Macintosh and Windows OS ever and still alive and working in the industry. And yet when I was presenting what I had created at the end of 2 months, they listened to me intently, had questions to ask, and had the humility to applaud me in a meeting for my efforts!

It’s strange how and when a sudden thought passes your mind. I was sitting on the shit pot today and it crossed my mind how I am a week away from finishing this short stint with this company and these people and yet, how I had witnessed myself perform really well at times. I also realized a very important thing that I had achieved. I’ll try not to sound too technical, but in one of the meetings in the first couple of weeks here, I had made a suggestion about a change I thought would look good to the application that this team was already using.

I had made the suggestion knowing almost nothing about the application. I had downloaded the application just a couple of days ago. And while making the suggestion I, without intending to, made it look like a plan more than a suggestion. Hence it came across as “I plan to introduce these changes in the application so it does so n so better” as opposed to “I suggest we look at so n so as a possible improvement in the application.”

As I look back today, the application has those suggestions in place and runs like a new Mercedes Benz on an autobahn. And I was building the application without really knowing if what I had in mind was actually possible. I just kept asking what should I do next in order that this works, in order that this will make that work and so on. And really I had made a blind promise and I have fulfilled it.

How many times do you encounter such moments of small triumphs which go unrecognized. I remember I have done this a lot of times. Seeing the metro run up the station and I’d make a dash to the platform in the hope that I’ll make it inside the metro in time even though I know equally well that it might get better of me. Betting on a 50-50 chance and jumping inside the metro just when the doors close behind you! It’s a triumph! Yet you barely just smile, recollect it for the next 10 min and forget it. But only if you’d missed it, you’d brood over it for the whole day!

How unappreciated are smaller victories in life! 🙂

Let’s learn to celebrate…

Drink up…


3 thoughts on “Last 3 months

  1. I think the past three months were good for you.

    New places. New people. And a stream.

    Small victories do matter, and I’m very glad that you found happiness in what you did there – among people who respected you.

    Time to say ‘ello Buffalo!

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