Chir vidhwa hai mandir masjid

Chir vidhwa hai mandir masjid

Sadaiv suhagan madhushala… 

My late uncle used to say this often when he’d be at a peg of Gin or Whiskey, sitting on the lawn chair on the balcony in his flat. He said it was a prose written by Harvanshrai Bachchan, the famous literate father of Amitabh Bachchan. But I don’t find any such reference on Google. Either he read it somewhere or it was his version / extension of the poem Madhushala by Harvanshrai Bachchan. 

While the original poem speaks in a more metaphorical voice, my uncle’s prose was meant to be more literate. For those of you who are not familiar with Urdu or Hindustani language here’s what it means. 

Chir vidhwa hain mandir masjid – While the temples and mosques are but widows 

Sadaiv suhagan madhushala – The house of wine is the one place that shall remain in matrimony forever.

Essence being.. Temples, Mosques and other places of worship are short lived and mere mortals, the bar and the wine are the immortals. 

Ironic how he calls the places of worship as mortals and wine the immortal but to think of it in a more literary sense, the wine has been there for ages, while religions have come and gone, beliefs have come and gone. Yet the taste of wine and the love for it hasn’t changed for man through millenniums.

Drink up!


2 thoughts on “Madhushala

    1. Oh Thanks.. This is the biggest poem i’ve come across ever I guess.. this jus stretches to infinity. I thought i’d be able to fish out the line i mention here in the peom. But i fail to understand most of the poem, thanks to the wonderful hindi in it. Sigh!

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