Day 27 ~ A letter to your readers

There’s a lot that I write here on this blog. This is my home ground. 

This is dear to me. I chose to put my life in public view recently after a spate of events which forced me into deep thought and repeated introspection. I realized I wanted to be creative, expressive and fresh. Although a lot of thoughts here are repeated over different posts, I try not to repeat unless it really holds relevance in the context of my writing.

At other times what I write aren’t very proof read or reviewed through a prism that is politically correct or that is neutral (although i’m seldom biased I feel) or that covers all the viewpoints. This is because I write to express my views, my opinions, my emotions at that point in time. I write because something happened that needed a mention, because it affected me in one way or another. I write so I can, tomorrow, look back and see what changes I’ve gone through, how my view has broadened since I wrote that, or suffered that, or laughed at that. 

So while I try not to be accusative, provocative or hurtful in my expression, I would like you to read it with the fact in mind that I am an individual and my views originate from my experiences and from what I learn from other’s mistakes. Unfortunately I cannot accommodate other’s experiences into my life, but I can and am very open to views and arguments that will open me up. 

So read on, express, think, laugh, giggle and if and when possible leave a comment! I’ll know someone somewhere sits in his/her room / workplace and reads what I’ve to say and smiles or cries or fumes! It’s after all a story.. I’m just someone who’s writing.. 🙂

Drink up me hearties!!! 

To people who love writing and creating! 


4 thoughts on “Day 27 ~ A letter to your readers

  1. I’m so glad you wrote this – I skipped it.
    Also, hurray to you for writing with so much enthusiasm. I love it that you’ve found peace in the medium.
    Here is me, who smiles, frowns, giggles and ROFLs at your posts. Don’t stop, Akshay 🙂

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