Day 24 ~ Your top 3 worst traits

Okay I’m lagging behind by a mile here.. So i’ll speed this up! 

3 worst traits!!! 

  1. Temper : Wins by all measures. Been at controlling it for years now, yet people around me for some reason fear me for my temper having seen only a bit of it. And I hate being an intimidating guy. But I guess I just need to gulp down the truth and be. But on a positive note, I have worked on it for a decade and brought it down by a good level and I’ll continue to work on it. 
  2. I can be a snob : I didn’t realize it until very recently that I can be a snob. One of my friends used to tell that to me to pull my leg. But I guess she was actually stating it to me. And I finally conceded to it a few months back! 🙂 
  3. Laziness : Laziness can overpower almost any of my desires to do anything at all! I love swimming but I can decide against going for one because of laziness. It’s my biggest enemy. I have the problem but the remedy still eludes me! 

That’s about it.. I should stop at 3 and not extend it to 10 and make this evening miserable. 

By the By

Drink up me hearties!!! (I wish I’d gotten the margarita today! ) 


2 thoughts on “Day 24 ~ Your top 3 worst traits

  1. The people who are intimidated by you are just pansies, I would like to say. In over three years, I’ve hardly seen an anger outburst. And that is really something.

    #2, again I have seen no examples of.

    #3 🙂 We’re all a bit lazy. But as long as you[‘re working on it – its all good!

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