Day 23 ~ Things you’ve learned that school won’t teach you

Hi teachers… Here are my 2 cents..!!!

  • Irrespective of what you score in your exams, you have to still face the challenges life throws at you and deal with it and be yourself.
  • Failures are a stepping stone and it’s okay to fail, that it’s not the end of the road.
  • It’s okay to get bad grades, because you’re an individual and while you may not know math, science or social studies, you have some gift which is unique to you and you’d rather spend nurturing that than heeding to what people and your parents want you to do.
  • It’s good to but not necessary to fall in love once.
  • You should be wise is choosing who your friends are coz like my mother always said “Friends can make you or break you!”. And you should never let them down.
  • That school is about fun, enjoyment, merriment.. It’s about the teenage love, chocolates, junk food, video games, TV, games, creativity.
  • That it’s good to question.
  • That you must develop principles which will never betray you in life. That even criminals live by principles. And a man without principles is no man.
  • That history must be read to understand our legacy and not get marks. To understand what a wonderful world we’ve come to create and what mistakes we must not commit, instead of justifying those mistakes.

The list couldn’t end but I need to end the post and call it a day.

Drink up me hearties.. it’s Freeday!! 🙂


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