Day 21~ A list of 5 underrated movies you’ve watched and what you liked about them.

Darwaza Band Rakho : A Bollywood movie with no songs and no item numbers and just plain comedy. A decent plot and a wonderful crew of actors and actresses. The same crew Ram Gopal Verma used in Sarkar. Each one of them does a fun job. The Gujrati accent, the ringtone of the mobile. It’s a story of a kidnapping gone wrong. We had such good fun watching it when we didn’t get tickets for some other movie and thought we’d instead go for this since we’d come to the movie hall. It turned out to be awesome fun!

President is Coming : This one was brought to my attention through a comment by one of my school friends which read “Unlike what’s shown in President is Coming, not all IITians are gay.” And I watched this movie and simply simply loved it!!! One person has to be chosen from the country to shake hands with President Bush who’s visiting the country. To see each character with a different background keeping the essence of that part of India in them is so much fun! The accents, the typical knowledge base, the typical job, the strange outlooks everything is portrayed so well in this movie by Ramesh Sippy.

Kunwara Baap : A beautiful story. Leaves me in tears every single time I watch it. Mehmood the handsome comedian of yesteryears. A prolific actor, an amazing comedian and as most comedians are best at it, an actor who can stir your soul, shake you and move you from inside. It’s about this poor man who discovers a baby and raises the child, but the child is struck by Polio and how the man still raises him as a single father and teaches him to fight life’s battles. The story is strong, the songs are good, the acting is wonderful and the messge he sends through the movie is so apt for the time it was released.. A beautiful movie very few people seem to have watched.

Dumb and Dumber : I’m not sure if I want to call this underrated, but a lot of people don’t like to start watching this movie because it has Jim Carrey and somehow after Ace Ventura (Which EVERYONE seems to have watched except me!) his image has taken a beating as being the comic guy who does yuck stuff too. This movie is fun! Clean and adventurous. He and his partner are the best friends you’ll find. True friends in the sense of it. One fucks up the other’s case and the other fucks up this guy’s case and yet they never leave each other right till the end of the movie. And few scenes just leave you rolling on the floor laughing..

Vacancy : This is one good thriller I’ve watched. I actually watched it while I was alone at home and I didn’t know the genre before I started watching it. So it took me by surprise and it was night time. So I just loved the movie and the whole plot. You’d want to watch if you like thrillers.

That’s the list of the movies I think were underrated and you probably should try watching them. The first 3 might not be among your picks if you’re not an Indian. Coz Comedy flicks with subtitles aren’t funny I feel. I’ll leave the rest to your judgement.

By the By…   


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