Day 19 ~ Five of your favorite movie characters and what you love about them

Here goes the list :

  1. Amar Kaul played by the wonderfully talented Vinay Pathak in Dasvidaniya. A movie that leaves you quite touched and thoughtful. A normal man who has normal wishes and wants to fulfill them. I feel there’s a very good chunk of Amar Kaul in every single one of us irrespective of our nationality, race or religion. The character is so universal in it’s nature. How he goes about fulfilling those wishes and how he leaves what he leaves. I don’t want this to be a spoiler but I’m sure you will connect with one side of his multiple side definitely. A wonderful watch in my view.
  2. Captain Miller played by the Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan. What a character. Keeps his emotions to himself, afraid inside but brave outside. A school teacher who’s a leader. Accepts his failures of past (Says 96 soldiers have died under him since he volunteered), yet takes a completely impossible looking mission, achieves it and boy does he say it well in the end “Earn it !!!”.
  3. Chris Gardner played by Will Smith in In Pursuit of Happyness. Wonderfully done. I didn’t expect so much from Will Smith. I always saw him as one of those actors who was in the business for the fun of it and not for the passion for art. But he shatters that image in this movie and Will Gardner, rigth from running with that machine on the road, to the taxi cab, to the Rubik’s cube, to the station toilet and finally the interview. Two scenes, when he cries in the toilet holding his son and the end where he comes out clapping quoting Roosevelt! Just beautiful.
  4. McMurphy played by the genius Jack Nicholson. I related to that character so much. I do random things like that. Look at the blank TV screen and commenting, nagging friends to speak shit and make fun! And a few other things but not all of them certainly. But then to think of how a mental asylum must be and what goes through the mind of a sane person’s mind in that kind of a place. Wonderfully done!
  5. Truman Burbank played by Jim Carrey. One of those actors who is still struggling to get out of his image of “A man with 1000 faces!”, the funny guy image. This one is the actor’s masterpiece. The Truman Syndrome is believed to exist in people and if I may confess, I am one of them who often suffers with the paranoia of the feeling of being watched. Not in the sense of a ghost, no I’m not the kid from the 6th sense. I’m more the Jim Carrey from this movie. But yes, his surprise at seeing his dad and how he reacts and slowly discovers the whole truth is purely fascinating. Jim Carrey does a wonderful job of all those moments of surprises and suspicions.

I finally finish this after 5 days of pondering and procrastinating. Phew! 31 days is a LONG time…

By the By.


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