An experiment.. a fan.. a hope.. all come to an end !!!

If you’re an Apple fan, who can take me abusing it, read on. Otherwise click on the next post or get to another site and come back a couple of days later, when this post is off the feed list.

I bought the iPhone 4S with much hope and anticipation last week. All the hype for the past decade about the product, the OS and how wonderful it works. “It just works!” exclaimed Steve Jobs at the 2004 WWDC keynote.
I come from the Nexus one family of Android phones. I owned the very first phone that Google launched it’s Android on. The HTC Nexus One. The OS didn’t upgrade more than the Gingerbread release. A 2.0.xx.xx release.
The phone was wrong only in one thing. It was 4 yrs old and yet fully functional except the socket for the headphones were a little loose and the earpiece was weak. So I had to put it on speaker phone whenever i received calls.
I was using it like that for more than a yr now. I finally had money through my internship and was up for trying the Apple product much talked and hyped about.
I went and bought it like a tru fan, glee and happy. I came home. and I started messaging my friend on iMessage. I got up the next morning to get a message from my service provider saying “You’ve exceeded $20 on your messaging. We suggest you buy a messaging pack”. Whaaaa??? When did that happen? iMessage is supposed to be free… I find that you’ve to setup iMessage separately that the phone won’t prompt you and would just treat it as a text message.
I then start listening to music on the phone on my way to the grocery store. I spend a good 10-12 minutes trying to figure out how to repeat the song that’s just played. I want the song on loop. Just that song!
I see a Shuffle option on the playlist, but nothing called Repeat anywhere at all. I give up and click the song and play it everytime it ends. I get back home and ask my loyal apple fan roommate how it is done. He says just tap on the album art and you get it. I tap, it appears. What did i do wrong? I tapped it twice. What did iPhone do? it flipped the album art to show my the title of the song! Title of the song??? I can see that.. why would I tap twice to see the song name?
Okay prolly it tried showing the song details. My only question, why do you have a lonely shuffle button at the top of your playlist and not anything else? What does that help achieve? I’ll tell you what loyal apple fans will tell you. It plays continuous by default, and when you click shuffle it shuffles. Simple! 😀 Yes simple, when you understand it. My father wouldn’t have made nuts about that!
Before all this. I was texting my friend. I was telling her how the auto suggest sucks on iPhone. So I was typing the word “suggest”. I type s..u..g..g..e.. (NOTHING still!). iPhone is still figuring what the word could be. Lets see.. Let’s open the English dictionary and type “sugges” The words that come are… Suggest, suggests, suggestion, suggested, suggestion, suggestions, suggestive.
iPhone : Wow… really??? I thought you meant Sugges-*^#@

It’s English. I’m not typing Tamil or Telegu here for you not to guess whats coming. Sigh!!!

I let it go. My loyal apple fan friends say it picks up in sometime. Be patient. I relent.

I am looking for smileys to put in the text message and Apple offers NONE. Chats and smileys have been around for 15 yrs now. I remember using smileys in Yahoo Messenger back in 1999. That was in India !!! Just how much effort does it take to add a button which opens up smileys for you??? My friends suggestions! “Emjoi keyboard dude.. WTF?? download it!!!”.. Alrighty WTFs .. I will download it.. Bring me the first android released in 2007. I type “:-” all the smileys are suggested .. ALL…

Here I have to click a button for a punctuation.. apply the punctuation, click the button back and the continue typing.
Android … click on the “.” the most used punctuation marks turn up in the auto-suggest in a line. Select whatever you want.. including the smileys..
Your market is at least 60-70% youngsters who text!!! And still you want to be in the 1960s and keep the basic keyboard, then you’re missing on something. OR just basking in the fact that people, because your brand is so coveted, adjust to all your settings and forget that you aren’t intuitive, but have configured the users to feel intuitive!
In an hour’s time you can get used to driving a car without breaks. I’m sure in a month’s time you can learn to use iPhone. But what’s the point??? I need to drive the car like the way it should be driven on the first minute, not after I’ve hit a few trees and set off a few police cars!

Here’s one more.. I am sitting at the bus stop outside my company. I forgot to google up the bus route to my house to see what time the next bus is at my stop. I pull out the iPhone and open the Maps app and say I want to go to this place from here. Agreed! said iPhone.. searched for a while. Guess what it throws up!!! Just take a WILLLLDDDDD guess… You develop a map apps what you you suggest?
Okay lets think really wild okay.. like super wild.. The app says “Boss.. no such route”.. OR ” Hey Can’t find any buses now” OR we go wilder ” Hey these are the flights you can take for an otherwise 40 min bus journey”. ORRR “Rent a boat, take the Pacific.. go down to the English Channel, take the Atlantic and then Get to the other coast, take a train and get to where you want to!”
iPhone cleanly backs off and pulls out the Apple Store and says “Hey… Download one of these apps dude..!”
Doesn’t even say “I can’t find it !” Just pulls out the store and the list of apps. WOW…
I’m like “Hell yeah… I thought I’d have to call my grandad and ask him if he had suggestions about what to do if an app cannot find what i’m looking for. Probably he would advice me to download another app!”

Let’s for a moment think which phrase fits this behavior! “Whisper words of wisdom.. let it be!!” ??? Tell the user the good apps and let it be… Sigh!! Tim Cook.. you just took Steve’s obsession with the Beatles a little too far!!! Probably you should go sit in the Octopus’s Garden and introspect how The Times they’re a changing (Dylan was the other obsession of Steve’s).

Anyway I thankfully knew there was a bus every hour from there. What would I do on a highway??? My roommate’s answer.. “Google apps bhai!!!” 😀 I love him for his resilience and for looking completely unfaced at a slaughtering argument.

These are just a few basic points which smothered my wish of owning an apple product and left me disappointed. I somehow still seem to hold more respect for iPhone than Android. I’m stil to figure out why. Is it my Apple fan or did I really find something good? I’m not introspecting. I’ve spent enough time thinking about it already.

I went and returned the phone for a Samsung S3 for $50 more. It’s a relief.

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