Day 17 ~ A favorite photo of yourself and why

Okay… this might need some fishing.. and I don’t have the patience particularly for this one since my photo collection is a little BIG.. And while 70-80% aren’t my photos yet, what percentage are mine is still huge.

Okay.. I just stumbled on two which I wasn’t looking for but I find them just as nice.



This one because it has me smiling. And it comes from a time in my life where I used to laugh for every other thing for minutes together. So much that people would actually ignore me and continue the conversation and then when i’d be done they’d say “Welcome back!”. The times they’ve changed! 🙂







This one because I wanted a silhouette shot and my friend Satrajit Basu, the ace photographer did  a wonderful job of it! And with the backdrop of mountains, where I find peace the most. Seldom gets better than this. 🙂

By the by


2 thoughts on “Day 17 ~ A favorite photo of yourself and why

  1. I love the silhouette. And being against mountains makes it all the more special for you. I’m wondering why I haven’t seen this one before.

    Also, laughing you is the best you. With that hearty guffaw. I can’t pick a favourite among these two 🙂

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