Day 16 ~ Promises you made and you kept !

Here goes the list :

  • I promised a good friend from college that I’ll make it to his marriage whenever it happens and I made it to his marriage 2 years hence.Of course I didn’t attend a few other marriages I’d promised to attend but without sounding like an excuse, they were because i was denied leaves by my employer.
  • I declared in my farewell in my first company that I’ll one day go to California and visit Apple’s office (the client we worked for) and I went in 2012 finally to Sacramento and Paolo Alto roamed around the area and saw all the buildings. I didn’t enter their office but that would’ve needed an ID and I didn’t have one. So essentially promise fulfilled.
  • I made a promise to myself that I’ll do my master’s from a good university and have it on my resume. I am here and Its on my resume.
  • I promised a college junior that i’ll go on a lunch date with her. I made sure that when I made my next visit to the college a year later, we went on one.
  • I made a promise to myself that I won’t buy a motor vehicle which runs on petrol / gas and I haven’t bought one yet neither do I dream of buying one. I dream of driving a few cars once, but I could always rent them and do that.

2 thoughts on “Day 16 ~ Promises you made and you kept !

  1. You seem to have a good list in place. I cannot boast of any such thing.

    Looks like if I’m going to ask you to promise some more stuff 🙂

  2. hahaha.. Well I was once a keeper of my word. I digressed and now i’m making efforts to get back to that self of mine. ! So ya you’ll soon be able to extract a promise from me and witness me keep it. 🙂

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