Day 15 ~ A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day)

Late by a day since I didn’t click photos yesterday.. Technically I didn’t click much today too.. But here’s an assortment of the places I walk through everyday and the various things nad places I am at through the day.

The Coloradu University Campus that I walk through every single day to my bus stop.


I reach here walking uphill through a small concrete path, with a creek at the bottom of the hill where I ascend from. It’s green and smells green. I love this part.


I take one of these to the office. Actually 2 of these. Hence I never am able to sleep properly. I sleep in fear of missing my stop. But it’s fun nevertheless since I’ve my music plugged in most of the days and I doze off merrily.



The road the bus takes to the office.


My Desk and Me.. The post Its are just a show off.. Don’t go by them.

Black screen on a laptop is typical software engineer screen. That’s the nerd in me.


That’s the other side of the nerd in me. I am just trying to find some symmetry in there. Sigh. It just helps me drink less seeing what has already gone in! Talk about free vending machines at work place.


This is my companion. Dark Knight.. The holder of the regular doses of Caffine I so desperately crave for every single morning.. forenoon.. afternoon.. and evening.. and at times night.. ! I feel lonely when It’s not full.. Whatte relationship only.. Louuu faar Kaapi..!!

I didn’t click me sleeping.. Was a bit difficult and asking someone else wasn’t appropriate because then they’d have to tell me they were dozing off too. Not fair on them to force their secrets out no! Thatsy.

So the day is over and I get back home.. and The pictures of which i shall share later.. OkBye!!!

By the By..

Drink UP ME hearties. (NO one ever corrected me on this.. It’s Drink up me hearties.. and not Drink me up hearties!!! ) Gah.. people just read and go.. like take it and go..

My dad always asked me to pay attention while reading..

I’m sure your dad’s also told it.. only I now derive that I was more obedient that you blaggards. 

Blistering Barnacles.. By TOUTATIS !!!!




2 thoughts on “Day 15 ~ A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day)

  1. Haha. Read and go, like take it and go. Hahaha! I always read it as drink up, me hearties.

    And I love that you’ve posted pictures. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen you do this. Must do more often.

    I also like the selfie and the symmetry of the cans. Khoob nice!

    And wav. Kya khoobsoorat campus hai. Sigh.

  2. It is Drink up, me hearties only.. I used to write Drink ME UP hearties.. God knows why that even made sense to me.. Thought it was some East India Company English.. Thatsy never messed around with it.. until i stumbled upon Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack which of course read Drink up me hearties. :/

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