Day 14 ~ Ten things that make you really happy

Here’s the list..

  1. Chocolate : This is the thing most likely to make me happy. When I’m normal I am lifted up to the cloud nine if I get a wonderful Choco Fudge cake, a Waffle and Dinges’  de Bom, or Eden’s Last time ever I saw my waist. Any of these can set me rolling on the floor, sommersaulting and jumping like a flea. Essentially it’s my ecstacy.
  2. An adventure trip : A trip to a place which has nature or history to offer can really make me happy. I can do it all alone and still be as happy as it would’ve been with 10 real good buddies. It should be a trip out of home, that’s all that matters.
  3. Cycling : I love cycling at nights, when the city is quiet and you can see a side of the city you don’t see otherwise. I talk to my cycle and converse with it. (Yes i’m on the edge of maddness, with a hope of not crossing it!)
  4. Funny videos : I can go into splits watching funny videos on youtube. People falling, people doing strange things. I know it’s mean to see people falling and laugh, but hey! they recorded it and put it on youtube for you to laugh so laugh.!
  5. Theatre : I cannot even begin to explain the pleasure and happiness I experience performing in front of an audience on a stage, in the house, anywhere. Entertaining people when I have the material and the flow, nothing like it!
  6. Pranks : I love doing this. Off late especially since I use various VoIP services to call up my friends, I often become the Dell Customer Service guy calling up from Austin, Texas. Only day before I convinced a friend of mine to sign up for a lottery on and then asked him to mail me back on the email By the time I got to the actual word dictating the email ID, I couldn’t contain my laughter and let it go.
  7. Birds and Animals : I love to see a bird fly out of nowhere sit on a branch / rock / ground peck on something look around and then take off. Or like I now do almost everyday seeing the prairie dogs out of their burrows, standing on their two feet and squeaking at my sight walking through the field to the bus stop. It just makes me happy to see nature at work.
  8. Writing Letters and Blogs : I love writing letters and receiving them. The concept of writing to someone in the hope that it will reach them and they’ll read it and write back to you. Enquiries you made a month ago, get answered today. You’re waiting eagerly to get updates on what’s going on in the other person’s life. So exciting!
  9. Surprising people : I love the look on people’s faces when they get or see something unexpected and something they like. I love sending gifts and them calling up and saying “Youuuu bloody fellow!! Remembered it didn’t you!!!”. Or just when they see me on their doorstep, stand there agape. Lovely!
  10. Talking to an old comrade after a long time : It is very cathartic to me. It just helps me believe in the concept of long lasting friendship and association. You sometimes stop thinking about some chapters of your life and they get lost in the racks at the far end of your brain. Talking to an old comrade brings those memory back again and dusts off those volumes of books you’d stored there for years untouched, unattended. Beautiful!

One thought on “Day 14 ~ Ten things that make you really happy

  1. I like this list 🙂

    Yes, I think we all know that a sure shot way to cheer you up instantly, is to give you a bar of Willy Wonka’s finest!

    Those funny videos totally crack me up, as well. Sometimes, when I’m upset, I google Rajpal Yadav funniest videos 😀

    Hahaha, at the pranks. Poor guy! I should have tried this, when I called from NYC and you thought I was some gori :p

    Big grin at #8. Likewise. I’m so glad you write more often nowadays.

    The second last, I must say I have personal experience with! Its a great feeling to plan surprises, but to be subject to one… agape doesn’t describe enough 🙂

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