Day 7 ~ Things you’re most afraid of

Alrighty… Fear the fear??? Or it’s good to have fears??? I’m coming to both..

  • Ghosts : I am afraid of ghosts. I love watching horror movies but like one of my friends said, back in India you get less affected watching horror Hollywood flicks coz things like basement and attic are not something you see, which is where most ghosts stay. In here it is common. So I avoid watching them anymore. 🙂
  • Road Accidents : I am very afraid of crashing into a vehicle and ending up in a bundle. Freaks me out. That doesn’t stop me from driving, but it sure drives me mad to see rash drivers.
  • Disloyalty from a friend : A friend just turning away and never looking back would hurt bad or worse lying to you. I can’t take lies.
  • Negative or Radical Change in people : This one sort of puts me in a state of shock. I can’t take a complete transformation in people I’m close to. It’s like seeing your brother who was a shy, studious, gem of a kid suddenly turn into a radical, with tattoos, and piercings and doing drugs.
  • Operations : I freak out imagining myself in the operation theatre with someone cutting me up open. I always think I’ll never get back alive.

2 thoughts on “Day 7 ~ Things you’re most afraid of

  1. Just one koschan. Why do the ghosts live in attics and garages mostly? Don’t they like the good life?

    Also. I’m so terrified of horror movies, I don’t even watch them. With you on this one.

    Number 4 is quite scary as well. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it.

    Also. Your list is so much shorter than mine. I feel like a scared bunny now.

  2. ha ha ha… I don’t know Ghosts always live in the basement and peep from the attics and/or live in the garages in the backyard.. The list is what I could think of right away.. I’m sure there are more to it.. 😛

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