Funny Songs

Oh I have had pretty weird perceptions of songs. Famous songs which meant one thing and I perceived them differently, very differently.

No Woman no Cry – Bob Marley

I first heard this strangely not too long ago. And I heard the first line “No Womannn… No Cry..” And I smiled. 2nd time Bob sang that line, I was still smiling only now with teeth showing. And my mom walked in and I said “That’s a funny song. Says No woman, no cry.. So true, isn’t it? ha ha.. He knows the secret for happiness !!!” My mom looked at me, smiled and then giggled before I realized she was giggling for something else and not my understanding of the song. I slapped my head when I learnt it was a song about consolation. No Akshay.. No Cry… 😀

Don’t be cruel – Elvis Presley

This one is good. A few friends were sitting in a nice pub in Connaught Place in Delhi, where a live band was playing. They start playing this song. And though i’d heard this song as a kid. I’d never ‘listened’ to the song as opposed to just ‘hearing’ it. I smiled. I said that’s a nice peppy song there. Until I paid attention to the lyrics and heard the guy sing “Don’t be Cruel to a heart that’s true“. Not VERY painful but certainly not the happiest song. But to think of just the music, you could do a Rock ‘n Roll dance to this. The Shammi Kapoor style.

Hotel California – Eagles

This one was an Ice-Shattering one. You listen to this song for the first time, you think this is one of those songs which talks about a romance between a guy and a girl on a nice evening in a hotel called Hotel California. “Welcome to the Hotel California.. Such a lovely place..” Perfect!!! and then comes the line which says “Some dance to remember some dance to forget“. And you picture a nice couple doing a ballroom dance and the girl lost in the arms of the guy. And then one fine evening last year this friend of mine breaks the bubble that lasted for so many years. She says this song is about the prostitutes in Vegas. “Stab it with their steely knives..” That was the stab to me. I was confused and got back home and Wikipedia-ed it. Boom!!! It was about the prostitutes in Vegas. The song was played again and spoof went the couple and in came the scenes in your head of prostitutes standing out on the streets wearing the mini skirts and heavy make up and the dimly lit rooms of a typical brothel. And soon you knew why he says “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave“. And you’re not smiling anymore. Or clapping after the extended guitar solo ends the song.

There are many more, sadly I can’t recall more at the moment. But this is funny! 🙂 

By the By.. 

Happy weekend.. Drink me up hearties!!! 

Captain Jack Sparrow like Captain Morgan. 😉 



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