Day 5 ~ Profess lou for one of your blogger friends

The Orange Tree is one blog I visit regularly and involuntarily, just like Facebook.

No idea why it’s called citrusness or Orange Tree, lou for orange is apparent but nothing apart from that. But I love reading Priyam’s blog posts.


First of all because she posts regularly.

Second of all, she posts on such varied subjects and interests and all of them seem to be embedded in her life. Sometimes it makes me wonder just how much do we do every single day and yet say ‘nothing‘ when someone asks what you did all day! There’s so much in the nothingness and her posts make you realize that. Because there’s so much that is happening in her life and some of it you think while reading “Hey ya.. I did that too!!” and it brings a smile on your face.

Third of all, her language is so simple and clear in what she wants to express. You never get a sense of crypt or have to read between lines, or make an effort to understand what her point is. It’s bare, it’s there, and it’s written beautifully.

Fourth, I love the pictures she posts, how she frames them in that white-border frame and positions them right where they are referenced. Wish I could be so meticulous.

Fifth, the posts are seldom negative. There’s always a positive outlook to whats happened in that week, on that day. Something nice. Very rarely have I seen her whine on posts. Commendable!

Sixth and last, because she is a very good friend, and I just love reading her posts. Inexplicable. You just like how some people express and what they express.

Keep writing BOLW… and… just keep writing.. Savvy?? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Day 5 ~ Profess lou for one of your blogger friends

  1. Aww, I got a dedication! 🙂
    These always make me smile – thank you Akshay.

    For reading, for making time and for being such an honest, good friend. Cannot really ask more of life.

    I have quite a many not-so-sunny posts, but I love it that you’ve left them out.

    Big hug and onek love 🙂

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