Day 3 ~ Things that make you uncomfortable

Oh this one shan’t be too difficult…

1# Of course is a tight fitting underwear. I shall leave the rest to your imagination.

2# Is the feeling that you look amusing to people unwillingly. You know those moments when you are walking on the streets happy and suddenly you start observing people looking at you as they walk past you.

3# Sitting in the company of people practicing PDA. Yikes! Ruuuunnnnnnnn!!!!

4# When a make out scene comes on the TV right after your mom walks into the room. You think “oh it’s just a kiss, think I can stick around. Will be over to the next scene now.” But they start disrobing and then you’re like “Blackout.. Screen blackout and next scene please.” . They continue to make out.. Now is when is the most uncomfortable part. Coz you don’t know if you want to make it obvious by changing the channel or would rather stick around in the hope that it’ll ACTUALLY end soon. GGaaah!!!

5# When you send the wrong message to the wrong person and you are making it up to them!!! Talk about bloopers in real life.

6# On a serious note.. Uncertainty makes me uncomfortable. Uncertainty in anything, if or not I’m going on a trip, If this is or not a relationship, If someone is coming or not coming, If i’ll be promoted or not promoted. Anything!!! I like things to be certain, in my control or in other’s, certainty is a must.


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