Day 1 ~ The story of your life in 250 words or less

This is getting tough already!!

Born a Tamilian, raised a Tamilian in Bihar (now Jharkhand).  Revisited Tamil Nadu for undergrads. As I see it, the roller coaster ride has left me a partial gene holder of both the worlds.

Raised in a wonderful small town in East India, in a family of four, which ran the rat race in the morning and all day and met up on the dining table everyday cracking jokes and discussing varied topics. Never liked studies, was mostly occupied with myself, day dreaming for most of my childhood. At other times I was mesmerized looking at construction workers laying bricks or advertisement hoarding painters paint or gardeners sowing seeds and watering the plants, much like the Baby’s Day out kid. Only I was like that almost till I was 18. Loved greenery, walking, cycling, swimming, cricket and basket ball.

Theatre was the more serious passion which gave me room to express myself in school.

Loved making friends in Chennai in my undergrads and what that place taught me over a period of 4 yrs.

Work took me to Delhi and I discovered those 3 yrs will remain pretty much unbeaten far as a wonderful phase of life is concerned and what it taught me.

Left Delhi dejected and yet glad that I could get a merit seat in a good Univ in the US. The ride so far here has been memorable.

Hope to get back to India and live in a quiet town/village.

4 short n I say Good Start!


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