10 Weird things about myself only I knew before this post

  1. I love umbrellas
  2. I suffer with an OCD of walking the sidewalks and not stepping on lines, much like Jack Nicholson’s in As good as it gets.
  3. I have a problem with twisted wires of any appliance. I like them neatly rolled.
  4. I am able to register how people’s hands look.
  5. I always notice if people wear watches and in most cases what kind (leather straps, metal straps, gold or silver colored, big or small etc). Without consciously realizing it.
  6. I love the sound of ruffling paper on a microphone.
  7. I cannot resist buying stationery.
  8. I love watching letters getting typed on a search bar of a browser. (Like how they show in those movies where the protagonist is searching for something on Google) and the sound of the laptop keys.
  9. Clean hand writings impress me a lot. (In fact that’s how I landed on my first crush as an 8 yr old school kid!!! )
  10. I love twisting the ice tray to get the ice cubes out in the old trays and them dropping them in a glass of water or any drink.

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