This sounds like a running commentary

But i’m a little surprised at myself. After a long long time seeing myself do random stuff is fun!

Last evening I checked into a hotel i’d booked earlier. I had a wonderful hot tub bath, a good footlong from Subway, a super-sized can of Coke (which I dislike but thanks to lack of availability of Sprite!). I watched Apocalypto partly before dozing off on the good bed, preceded by some media coverage of a murder (or being american homicide) trial which was a little disturbing.

I woke up and looked at myself and appreciated my physique on the mirror, One of those things i know will gross you readers out , but hey! seriously? You bet you do it every single day in the bath if you’ve a large mirror in your room. c’mon!

Then I came down to have a nice breakfast and I’ve no clue why but EVERY single time I am in a hotel and go down for a complimentary breakfast spread, I’m nervous. I nervous about my conduct while taking things, while baking the waffles, while taking those cut fruits, the orange juice, coffee or toasting the bread. I HAVE to mess up in at least one of these departments.

I get extremely conscious while eating using spoons and forks, most when I’m alone in a public place. Today I was standing next to the pop-up toaster waiting for my bread to pop up. As expected it took like a year to pop out and through that year sometime in September I decided it was time and turned the knob in the hope of the machine understanding that “Okay this guy doesn’t want me hot anymore, lemme throw the slices up in the air”. At least that’s what MY pop-up toaster does. But this one heated more and then I pressed a random button which turned on “Roast” and a few seconds later when the bread popped out it was darker than brown and short of being black. Alright! Alright! I said and walked away with a couple of sachets of sauce. I sat myself down on a table and started to eat. When I got to the scrambled eggs and bread I discover that I’d pulled out some Picanta sauce. Seriously! This country throws so many surprises at you every hour of your life it almost gets you a little cranky sometimes. And to top it my irrational nervous energy. Anyway so I finish the scrambled eggs breakfast and am about to get up, so I slide a little get up and hit the table.. lightly… but then when i sit back the couch has ended and I’m basically going half down. I almost fall on the floor with the paper plate in my hand containing all the rubbish from the breakfast. I shout “Oops!!!” and very obviously the whole breakfast crowd is now looking at me. I look at no one and like a regular embarrassed guy, look back at the couch with a look of surprise “Like how the hell did you decide not to hold me?” sorts and walk off slowly. And like the other other times, i’m thinking “These guys must be thinking These Indians (nodding their head)” .

I hate misrepresenting my own country people but i always end up making a fool of myself.. Whateva!

I then went out with a friend of mine to look around for places to stay. After shuttling between 5 places I finally land in this place which charges me relatively decent rate and has an attached kitchenette with the room. Feels like the smallest nice room you’d have. But I’m glad I got it. It’s right next to my office. So far I’ve relatively cruised through this trip without much worries or points of concerns. Lets see whats in store for the next three weeks.

This place is unfamiliarly vast. You can look into the expanse. To sit all alone in a room and see into that vast expanse is sometimes dreamy and sometimes a little scary. I haven’t felt that nervous fear of being in a new place in a long long time. I think the last I felt that was when I went to stay alone in Noida back in 2009 winter.

I have felt a nervous excitement of being in a new place all alone as a tourist a lot of times, but that’s the fun one. This one with a time period of 3 months is a mixture of both. I’m eager and skeptical both at the same time to discover whats in store for me and it has started!

Here’s to Denver, Colorado!

Drink me up hearties


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