It’s a mad mad mad mad world…

Been a crazy day so far… Looking forward to whats in store.
Had a couple of Bud Light Lime-a-ritas with Sindhu and got buzzed for no reason whatsoever.
Started watching Harry Potter, 5 minutes later we wanted to watch Psycho… Which too didn’t last for more than 5 minutes post which automatically we just started yapping.. Yapping about Buffalo, Srinath, Santhosh (my roommate) and a lot of other stuff.. Laughing our asses off at some shit and others just general discussions.
We finally went off to our rooms for the night’s sleep at 3 am. I was tipsy on the Beer and slept off what i remember as being a sound sleep until I woke up at 6:45 am to the blaring alarm and put another one for 7:30, and then again for 8:15 at which time i finally woke up out of fear of not having enough time to pack. I had to pack all I had accumulated in this one year, clothes, shelves, lamp, coats, books stationery, food items everything. I woke up and went to the toilet and found myself walking a little dancy on my way to the toilet.
I was still tipsy. I logged into my computer played some music and started off with the suitcase. One drawer after another the chest emptied on the bed. The bed emptied in the suitcase and the backpack, deciding what to take and what to leave. Clothes were done. I had put the books in the carton the last night. Now came the harder part, the smaller things lying around.
You never realize just how much stuff is lying around in small shapes and sizes until you move, that golf ball i found in the field, the maple leaves, the Google goodie toy, the Google headband from the Job Fair, papers, pens, coins and so many other random junk which you just can’t throw, but detest their presence just as much.
It was 10 and Sindhu finally woke up and came down and found the room in a disarray. She pointed out that the switchboard was broken, thanks to my tripping and falling on the wall after stepping on my shoe one fine night. I ran to the Valu store about half a mile away to get a new switchboard without which the house owner wouldn’t quite agree on returning the advance money, the sort of ass he is. I bought it and walked out and soon after Sindhu called to ask me to get a duct tape and I realized I had to get the white filler too, to the drilled hole on my wall. Got that too. Jogged back home. She fixed the switchboard while I packed more stuff.
I called Aman, a friend of mine, to dump my stuff at his place for the summer. He wouldn’t take the call. I called his roommate who was sleeping and he couldn’t say much about Aman’s whearabouts.
I decided I’d take the stuff to Aman’s place and then look for him later. We loaded some stuff on the grocery cart and walked down to Aman’s place along with my suitcase. He was there. We dropped stuff and got back to take my bed this time. A total of 3 trips before things were at his place. It was 11:30 now. I had still more stuff to dump. Sindhu helped me with a garbage bag and we put all the stuff lying around in it. Right from Pasta shells, flip-flops, hangers, earphones, chargers and all the accompanying junk. I was now worried at the cab not having shown up yet. It was 11:55 am and I had booked one for 12. I called up and they confirmed he was going to be there in 3. Precisely in 2.5 min the guy was outside honking.
Sindhu screamed at me to go and ask him to wait or else he’ll run off saying a no show. She really pushed the adrenaline high. I was laughing and at the same time nervously putting my socks on and wearing the shoes. I finally picked up my stuff and darted out, threw it in the cab and finally gave her a hug and bade goodbye and left.
I hardly had time to think out the fact that I won’t be returning to the same house in 3 months. That it would be a new place and most certainly none of Sindhu or Srinath will be around. But I faintly feel I saw Sindhu have a twinkle of a tearful eye when I shut the door of my cab and said bye. It’s hardly a few hours and looking back I think I’ll miss her and I’ll miss Srinath.
They were my family which was already in Buffalo to welcome me and take me in. More on that later.
I finally got to the airport and realized I didn’t have my ticket. Luckily the lady at the counter didn’t bother me much than just ask my last name and get me the boarding passes. Another checkpoint cleared. I now thought I’d make a note of the hotel number and see if there are shuttles from the airport to the hotel. I pulled up my macbook and I checked the SuperShuttle site and now I was clueless what my hotel was. I’d forgotten the name of the hotel where I had made the booking for the stay over the weekend. And no, this would’ve been a no-panic case but for some reason 4 out of 5 hotels I’d called were booked fully. So this one was crucial. I pulled out my cell phone and checked the last unknown number I’d dialed. Dialed that number, a lady picked up and I asked her to confirm my reservation sounding business like. All to cover up my memory loss. I was super lucky, the girl confirmed my reservation and I asked their address and she blurted out the hotel name. Ya coz I had missed the name when she mentioned it right after receiving my call too.
My nerves were now comes to normalcy but slowly still.
I boarded the flight all zonged. Half way through the flight I realize I have no clue what time to arrive at Polycom and if I need to do any paperwork for it. Another one.
So i get down at Chicago to change the flight and find the gate for departure only to find every single screen reading “Time of departure 2:45 pm”, and I look at my watch and see it’s 3:15 pm. Surprise! We’re in another time zone! US has 3. I was going to cross 2, this was the first one. I called up my company. The lady’s voicemail says she is on leave today and will be joining on Monday. I smile.
Luckily she also gives the name of the secondary contact whom I dial right away to find my status and after a couple of calls I know what I’m, supposed to do.
I’m here sitting on the flight on my way to Denver looking at weird patterns on the fields here. This Country has such HUGE amount of vast open land.
My posts have an affinity for this country so let’s not go there now. 🙂
By the by

Drink me up hearties.. 


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