Pink Floyd


This is the band I most relate to. A band I like to listen to everytime I feel philosophical, contemplative, sad or lets say intensely emotional. It’s one band the lyrics of who’s albums bring me back to the ground when I’m flying either in a state of trans or ecstasy.

The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish you were here and The Division Bell. The three most prominent albums, except of course the one they recorded at Pompeii. This band belongs to the league of Dylan and Beatles, not in popularity but certainly in their essence and in their contribution to the culture of the youth across the world through decades.

My introduction to the band was rather strange. It was sometime in 2007 September or October, I’m not sure, my ex-girlfriend asked me if I’d heard this song called Time by this band called Pink Floyd. I obviously hadn’t been introduced to this band except having heard it’s name here and there seldom. She was quite surprised. A few days later, I met here in the college canteen for lunch and half way through I reminded her about this song and her mentioning it. She pulled out her laptop and wrote down the lyrics of Time for me and gave it to me signing it off with “All the best! Love..”. I smiled and read it, faintly relating to it initially and more later. But a few months later we had a few conflicts and when those were resolved, she mentioned to me that the day she wrote those lines and gave me,  she actually meant them.

..And then one day you find,

Ten years have got behind you,

No one told you when to run,

You missed the starting gun..

She said, “I walked out of the cafeteria thinking to myself, “This is it, it’s over!”. Apparently I had missed the gun on our friendship. This was after I decided to give her a chance at the friendship post a bitter episode of betrayal by her. Ironical as it sounds, was the truth. And there I was walking out of the canteen, thinking about this being another good song we’d shared.

However, I listened to the song, and later the album The Dark Side of the Moon and couldn’t get off it. This band fits the concept of a complete album containing songs all knit together in a continuous playback. You cannot really distinguish one from the other. But of course Time, Lost for words and a couple of other songs do start off after a pause, but the best way to listen to the album is a continuous playback of all songs at length. That being the best, I love the tracks Breathe, Time, and Us and Them.
and Time should be listened to together. Although Breathe is a quiet and spacey song which ends silently with a fading effect, and Time sort of wakes you up with clock bells, the transition that Time suffers after the bells nestles you back into that spacey place that Breathe took you to.

It will take you to a different plane altogether. David Gilmour‘s spacey voice with the super-spacey sound mixing by the wonderful Alan Parsons leaves you lying there on your bed looking at the ceiling and watching a montage of all of your life’s events.

Wish you were here is the album you want to listen to on that evening you feel you’ve lost a lot of people you once knew, and who once knew you. The quiet evening with a drink in your hand and a dim lit lamp in your room, with all those old letters, photographs gifts, mementos and those diary entries you wrote through years, sometimes filled with joy, elation, true happiness, pride, shattered faith, feelings of betrayal, spite, anger, frustration, opining on things that matter, opining on things you know won’t change, dedications to people you knew matter, dedications to people you would’ve once given your life for and today are just a diary entry in your life. Revisiting, reopening those baggages you’ve managed to carry for so many years now, feeling encumbered and weak and lost. You will find David Gilmour singing Roger Waters‘ songs with Nick Mason and Richard Wright on the instruments taking you through the journey of your past, saying things which you find relevance in, meaningful, insightful and sometimes delightful. Shine on you crazy Diamond, Wish you were here are the closest to my heart.

The Division Bell is the album which brings out David Gilmour’s lyrical abilities to light. Coming back to life, Lost for Words and High Hopes, are songs that leave a lasting impression on you. They did on me. I cannot but love these tracks and find myself revisiting them time and again. This is one album where I have track favorites as much as the full length playback.

I haven’t really listened to the bands recording at Pompeii with attention, so I cannot comment on that. But The Wall is another wonderful album. Comfortably Numb leaves you sort of confused, why you like the song, if you even relate to the lyrics or understand what Waters is trying to say there. But you do end up liking the song a lot without reading the reason behind the song, and then you read the reason behind Waters writing the song, and you now like it for a different reason altogether. Another Brick in the Wall  hardly needs an introduction. Most people know this song and what it says. And many understand the underlying statement made as well. It does remain one of my favorites too coz of the use of chorus through the song and the stamping rhythm of the song, a sort of a chanting pace to it.

To sum it up.. Pink Floyd I have realized is one band I will love forever. I’m not sure I’ll listen to David Gilmour’s new albums, but I sure know Division Bell, Dark side of the Moon, Wish you were here and The Wall will be the albums which will always be on my CD rack, my playlists, and my blogs.

Lastly, as a point on the Bucklet List, I wish to attend a David Gilmour Concert once before David or I die.

The time is gone, 

The song is over

Thought I’d something more to say… -Time

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2 thoughts on “Pink Floyd

    1. Ya wish you were here is certainly a masterpiece 🙂 I also became a fan after watching Syd Barret’s documentary, which is rather depressing but then he was the soul of the band. So it made more sense to me.. And ironically for our discussion, “Wish you were here” was written for Syd Barret 🙂

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