We were like diamonds.. shining in our own little worlds

Gave beautiful sunshines to people

and sometimes those wonderful moonlit nights

running in circles we didn’t know we existed

Providence played in and we shone on the same soul

Brought together by the common light

We eclipsed finally 

It lasted briefly yet beautiful as a diamond ring

The moments of ecstasy and euphoria 

a minute lasted long and yet felt short

We began drifting before we knew

The radiance was too much for each to take

We couldn’t look at the mirror

and recognize the light that shone back

The identity was fuzzy now

too many lights shone 

perplexed we looked at the other 

wondered if this is what it is like

wondered if this is what it would be

wondered if it has to be it will be

wondered if we wanted it to be

there was too much wonder in the self

the wonderful was lost and wonder remained

and before long we knew we were on the either side

searching for the other

 Sometimes in memories, at others in the reality that existed

talks of ifs and buts, and whys and hows

slowly the wonder went away

slowly the shine lost 

slowly the diamonds were covered

in a blanket of doubt

Today they lay quietly 

distant from the other 

filled with laughter and sorrow 

with tears and joy 

quiet in their own lives oblivious to the world 

They lie quiet in a corner in the hope of someday seeing the other

and shining a bit of themselves on the other.. 

Someday the eclipse will last longer.. 


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