Breakfasts and Salads

You always want to have those mornings when you get up leisurely, it’s sunny outside (but it’s not HOT). You pull up the blinds and look outside, stare for a while thinking nothing and just seeing whats there (No matter if it’s only a car garage, a road and a black van belonging to your neighbor, and a couple of coffee cups strewn on the road, it’s still beautiful).

You then go and make yourself a cup of nice hot coffee and then decide to make one of the two things, a nice cheese omlette or a good salad! One for the palate-ial mornings and the other for the i-want-to-feel-helathy-and-good mornings.

You take out those delicious looking orange carrots, the tomato, onion and chop them all, put them in a bowl and mix them up. Pull out some Cilantro leaves and garnish the salad and then pour some Ranch sauce on it. And Bam!!! Your ideal breakfast for a wonderful morning is ready.

Now you really don’t care if it’s sunny or snowy outside or that you don’t have a porch to put a chair on a sit. You find your room to be cozy and wonderful and the snow flakes beautiful!



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