One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest

I might’ve written earlier about this movie.. but I just can’t stop writing about it i guess and watching it. I am watching the movie for the 3rd time and yet it moves me.

Jack Nicholson has got to be one of those actors who gets it as right as right can be. He makes you feel real. He draws you into the character and throws it right at your face and makes you realize what the character is going through. Forces you to feel. He doesn’t make you think, coz he’s thought it all. You just have to watch and you’ll end up feeling.

This movie and his character is one of the better portrayals of humanity and it’s other side. How a nurse who should be kind and soft, is hard and dictatorial. And how a ‘crazy’ man is softer and humane in a setting which we generally would not associate the two adjectives with.

This scene describes best, the essence of the movie. It’s easy to get worked up and find faults but it’s so tough yet so rewarding to find that spark of craziness in you which could bring a smile in others. And then you forget, even if momentarily, the pain that resulted from the impulse someone gave you, and smile and celebrate the triumph of will over tyranny / circumstance / hurdles / fuck-ups and life.

They was giving me ten thousand watts a day, you know, and I’m hot to trot! The next woman takes me on’s gonna light up like a pinball machine and pay off in silver dollars!

How’s that for a reaction to a shock treatment!

Watch it if you haven’t already! I won’t spoil it for you describing it in my mortal words.

Like Danny Devito said “It’s about Immortality” …

Haaaahhhh !!!! Another dayyyy… another 50 thousand dollars…

Drink me up hearties!!! To Jack (Sparrow or Nicholson, your pick!)

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2 thoughts on “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s nest

  1. Its one of Baba’s favourite movies as well. He watches it again and again and again. More than a cinematic masterpiece, it has a deeper underlying message for me. I haven’t been able to completely figure what.

  2. I agree.. i too am still figuring out.. thatsy this futile attempt at describing it.. 🙂
    It teaches so many things at so many levels.. I want to read the book. But I fear it might be a little different and stronger and i’d end up not liking the movie as much then.. 🙂

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