Bucket List


I had this one in the Draft folder and I decided let this be the 100th. (It has 27 of them.. I’ll turn 27 this year.. Coincidence? I don’t know..)

I hope i’ve enough time to kick the bucket.. but i can’t wait to know when that’ll happen to prepare this list.. so here it goes..

Some have been accomplished.. the others I still dream of accomplishing one day! Here’s the Bucket list (In no particular order !!!)

  1. Act in a theatre play in a lead role, flawlessly!
  2. Play a song a for a girl and live that romantic moment Bollywood has so proudly shown in their movies.
  3. Swim for a challenge or cause (like the Alcatraz challenge or something else) which covers a considerable distance.
  4. Go on a hugging spree. Hugging and thanking people who toil yet never get appreciated (traffic policemen, watchmen, milkmen, laundry men, street cleaners, sewer cleaners etc)
  5. Take a group of underprivileged kids for a feast
  6. Take a complete tour of India traveling in just buses, trucks and local transport. (No trains, no flights and no A/C coaches)
  7. Trek to the Everest Base Camp
  8. Drive to Leh and Ladakh on a bike with or without a group.
  9. Camp in a jungle like Bear Grylls in India.
  10. Drive a Harley Davidson and a Lamborghini once.
  11. Live the life of a millionaire for one day in India or any country.
  12. Go for a wild safari in Serengeti national park and hope to see a big cat chase and hunt.
  13. Camp in the Sunderbans in West Bengal India.
  14. Be part of a choreographed troupe of dance.
  15. Learn 10 languages enough to speak in their local accents.
  16. Go to Andaman islands to relive my childhood visit.
  17. Deep sea diving – Shit scared of sea, but this needs to be accomplished.
  18. Watch a Broadway theatre
  19. Meet few of these actors — Pankaj Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Nasseruddin Shah, Nana Patekar, Amitabh Bachchan, Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, Robin Williams, Morgan Freeman.
  20. Go on a boathouse ride in the backwaters of Kerela
  21. Go sailing in a boat with a mast in the sea.
  22. Paint on a large canvas.
  23. Own a small house and Paint it on my own.
  24. Successfully run a Half-marathon.
  25. Try my hand at stand up comedy
  26. Publish an article in the newspaper.
  27. Write a book

There are some that I have accomplished :

  1. Watch WWF match — Accomplished! Thanks to Srinath Kameswaran
  2. Have a spiky hairstyle — Accomplished! in college. 
  3. Skydive — Accomplished!, thanks to Prashant (Ashu)
  4. Ice Skating — Accomplished! In my trip to Canada in Dec 2011, thanks to SafeNet Inc. And for the skating, thanks to Sana Hamza, Tamkeen Ahmed, and Amir Ahmed bhai. My oldest friends! Was a complete pleasure!

2 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. A list! How nice. I love lists. And nothing like them to keep track of the time that rushed by.

    2 is rather intriguing. Somehow cannot picture you doing that. But it would be a treat to see a video of you doing it.

    4 is a beautiful idea. Really. Needs no capital, no losses. Just some time.

    Take me along when you go to Leh, please? I look at pictures of people who have been and sigh.

    Come to Muscat and I can organise the Harley test drive. And maybe a Porsche. YOu have to pose as a journalist. So that takes care of a lead role? No? 🙂

    Andamans, Sunderbans. So close to home – I’m sure they will be easy peasy.

    NYC is so close – Broadway will definitely happen for you this. If you have time, come when I’m there. We’ll go together.

    Deep sea diving is no biggie. I promise. My only fear are the sharks :S

    Since my ‘comment’ is almost becoming a post, I wills top here, but great list. And almost all are achievable.


  2. 😀
    The 2nd one might just happen randomly anywhere.. wouldn’t involve any Lou i’m sure..
    I shall inform you when planning Leh..
    I don’t have an issue posing as a journalist, only you might have to save me from the Sultanate, in case I misfire dialogues. 😛
    We can try Broadway actually..
    Deep sea diving isn’t biggie, but I haven’t lived that close to quiet waters and facility ever. but a trip to Muscat should help me with it.. Lemme get a job and i’ll soon make it.. 🙂
    I know all are very achievable.. I am running short of the other things I wanted to do.. this list might have to be edited often.. !

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