Rum and Rote

They called her Blackheart, She was bold and bawdy,
Cunning and cutthroat, Sexy and seductive.
She came from nowhere and broke hearts everywhere
This was the rum she drank to celebrate her conquests.

I have a Blackheart spiced rum  bottle kept in my room, thanks to my roommate and my friends. I picked it up to read this written on the reverse side of the bottle. It left me wondering just how much people pay attention to the packaging of liquor.

The labelling, the shape of the bottle, the cap, and design, the logo everything. So much creativity goes into all this. Sometimes there’s an aura around a liquor brand, and it reaches such high proportions that you’re left wondering if it really is that great a concoction. They almost make it sound like an art parallel to that of the likes of Michelangelo’s or Da Vinci’s.

I once stumbled upon this ad of Johnnie Walker and it sorts of elevates the whole brand into a new platform for novice drinkers and you’re left wanting to live the story he tells in the ad by dreaming of buying a bottle of that scotch or savouring a peg of it sometime in your life. You dream of it as if it were royal. A place close to heaven. Like a bit of perfection entered your body and gave you a sense of achievement of having accomplished enough in life to have the ‘choice’ of drinking it at leisure.

The scotch being slowly poured over the cubes of ice, washing them and coating them with itself. The golden ambrosia which will slide into your throat with a slice of water as the ice melts under it’s blanket and you’ll feel the heat of the scotch and the chill of the water and the smoothness with which it slips through your throat leaving a tickle. And you close your eyes to imagine all of this happening inside of you.

You don’t want to open your eyes, instead want to savor the moment for a moment more, yet you have to open your eyes, just to exclaim what a delightfully elevating experience it was to consume that malt which was grown a few decades ago, go down into you and leave your senses alive.

Probably this experience is what people start to live for after a certain period of time and begin to be driven by an urge to see more of it, experience more of it and cherish more of it.

To me personally, it has not made a difference what I drink. Cocktails or mocktails, mango juice or stale grape juice, fresh ginger ale or fermented barley. I have tried plenty and haven’t experienced a sense of ecstasy like people have decsribed to me multiple times. Neither does it leave me with a good taste at the end of it all or in the morning. Luckily never had to deal with a hangover or puke. But I’ve never done anything that i wouldn’t have had i not consumed the concoction. Probably that’s why i never found it interesting enough.

But I love Jhonny Depp drinking rum on an island and getting upset with the girl burning it all up!!!

So drink me up hearties!!!


By the by..


2 thoughts on “Rum and Rote

  1. Never thought I’d see you write about alcohol. Given that even the best blackmail techniques couldn’t get you to consume some 🙂

    I’m glad you choose to not be overwhelmed by them. Its quite the task.

    Tried any wine, though?

    1. ha ha ha.. ya.. I did.. not many.. but to me they don’t taste any different.. in the sense i cannot savor them and exclaim.. this is gooood! 🙂

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