Floyd-ian moods

Going through the same emos…

Nuts and Bonkers

There are only times when i feel a sense of regret for not being comfortable with drinking or smoking or getting high on dope. And the Floyd-ian moments aggravate that thought. The moments or in my case days when i am completely engulfed by David Gilmor’s voice and Roger Waters’ words. The music of a different world, a parallel to this one. The voice so divine it it makes you almost yearn for it to stay on and never stop singing. The words so smoothly truthful, they slowly enter you and come out as thoughts elucidating reality from different perspectives. They make you think in moments, in bits, and forget and remember, recall and live, relive moments you know you’d forgotten or ignored or looked through.
Suddenly those moments are alive, have an emotion, have a meaning, that’s more meaningful than that moment back in the past. It is clearer…

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