Relevance of Stupid questions

I once had a guy in my class who would ask the most ridiculous of questions to the teachers through the lectures. Most often he’d end up annoying the other kids because most of his questions had obvious answers.. almost like ” Why is the sky blue?” (Which now sounds quite a good question to me!)  

I used to wonder what pleasure did this guy derived out of asking stupid questions through a lecture, interrupting the lecturer and breaking the flow of the class.  

But…. I soon observed a trend. Out of the 10 questions he asked in a lecture 2 of them would turn out good. Those 2 turned out to be the ones only the teacher knew the answers to or sometimes, even they didn’t know the answers to it. 

And out of the other 8, 4 of them were quite blatantly obvious. The rest 4 weren’t obvious but weren’t intelligent as well. But they did stop you for a while and then you’d go “Ah, ya.. right thats how it will work”. But it did pause you for a few seconds, bringing you back to the lecture and forcing you to recollect what was told 10 mins ago. 

I tried giving it a shot. And soon I realized that it does work. As I started asking questions, two things happened. One I was more observant in the lectures coz now, my modus oprandi was to ask at least more than one question every lecture. It also forced me to recall and connect the bigger picture in the process. Second of all, it brought me to the attention of the lecturer and my classmates. I realized this a little after the last semester started. When me and a couple of my friends were walking to a coffee shop and we met another group of guys, and while introducing myself, one of them said “Oh ya i know you. You’re the one who asks a lot of questions in the class”.

Embarrassing as it was, I also felt a sense of an infinitesimally (okay a little more than that) sense of achievement. That at least a stranger in my class knew me by my face if not by name. A +1 to my abstract network of people who know me. Isn’t that after all what we want. More people to know us? 

Sigh!!! Talk about the attention and recognition deficit syndrome we all suffer from.. If you think you don’t.. Ask yourself if you’d like your name/photo/article to be published on the newspaper once in your life? (For good reasons of course!) 

Bye the Bye

Drink me up hearties!!!

Rum is the fruit!

Rum be the Elixir!

Rum be the heat!

Rum beats the heat! 


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