A tear lost.. and lost forever..

Ye shaam mastani – on Spotify.. and i’m getting a little philosophical .. so i decide to continue writing what i started off yesterday..

Sitting in my room, on my mac, with a cup of warm water.. wide awake at 0015..

How strange it is… you are upset and you cry.. and a tear drop falls off your eyes or rolls down your cheeks.. and you let it fall.. and lose itself into the fabric you wear and later into thin air..

But it took away with it a good part of that burden your heart bore.. it lightened you by a margin invaluable.. By the time it’s comrades flowed down those cheeks..  or be wiped off by your loved one and leave you both closer.. the last one made sure he took the largest chunk.. leaving you with a faint smile still double-breathing..

How disrespected must those tears feel.

They sacrifice their lives for your happiness.

Never to return, and leave forever

They wipe your eyes all through your life

And when you wipe you rub them off

Let them fall or roll and fade into thin air.

In an act of complete selflessness,

They carry the burden off you

Without any expectations.

An unconditional sacrifice.. a selfless life..


Nature teaches us so much, we acknowledge so less..

Drink me up hearties.. Savvy???

By the by


4 thoughts on “A tear lost.. and lost forever..

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog brother.. These thoughts on tears reflect my own in some ways… funnily I had written a short story around the struggle between tears, memories, guilt and loss.. havent published it anywhere though.. btw seems like you are a big fan of pink floyd too…

  2. Ya… Floyd has been the one soul stirring band in my life since i’ve heard them.. No other band has been as fulfilling and timeless as them! I hear Beatles and Bob Dylan are just as timeless.. I’m yet to venture into their LSD-influenced songs.. 🙂

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