Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind

I  sometimes (a lot of times off late) wish Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless mind – concept was a reality.. Wish i could just throw out part of the memories out and trash them forever never to revisit them or to place them as the cause of the changes in me..

Damn! if only you could ask for a few things to be fulfilled in life.. but then you never know what regrets lie on the other side of the fulfillment of some wishes you wish.. 🙂

So back to where we were.. I’m fine where i am.. and there isn’t a better place i could be.. there wasn’t a better game i could’ve played with the cards that were dealt.. or lets say i didn’t try hard enough.. coz there certainly is always a better game..

But then again, there’ll be a next time, and we hope we play the cards well the next time they’re dealt the same. and if we fuck up then too.. well then no one really can stop anyone from  digging their own grave, you can only ask for the shovel back, you really cannot snatch it!

Go on Dig it honey… dig it… I shall watch and not smile as much as pity when you jump in and lie there wondering how you got there…

After all as Paul McCartney said “Whisper words of wisdom, let it be…

We’ll let it be..

By the by..


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