Johnny Gaddar Movie

I finally watched the movie Johnny Gaddar after much feedback from friends on how good a movie it it. 

My view : It did turn out to be a good movie! A very good plot. An okay script. And good acting on the part of Ashwini Khalsekar and Zakir Hussain and of course Vinay Pathak, the maestro. Neil Nitin Mukesh does a pretty good job for a first movie. Except some bits of the movie, his acting is very naive and visible. 

There are instances in the movie’s script which leave a little gap. Like the Police man getting killed doesn’t raise any doubts or that he had Neil in his trunk and is discovered by the nurse. The nurse too doesn’t show up after that scene. The first twist however is really good when Dharmendra confronts Neil. That is something that the audience doesn’t expect and doesn’t notice the point he mentions. I’d like to sound cryptic, not to spoil the fun for the viewers-to-be. The other twists and escapes from the situation also make up an interesting watch, keeping the audience glued to the movie. 

The one thing that disappointed me was, and this comes from a few movies more is the fact that the scriptwriters and directors still feel the audience is not intelligent enough. They leave nothing to the audience’s thought. Like the last scene involving the disclosure by the actress wasn’t needed. The audience can think through and knit the last strand in the story. I have no clue why directors cannot just leave it at that. 

I’m reminded of an interview i read of Amitabh Bachchan’s after the movie Black. He said “Very few director’s realize the importance of silence. And Black is one movie where it is used very well.” 

I guess that sorts of sums it up, why we expect better from the directors in India and why we begin preferring the Hollywood flicks over the bollywood unless they really come up with something good by our standards. 

Bye the Bye

Drink me up hearties!!! Savvy? 


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