Of Obamas and Roomneys

I see my Facebook wall riddled with “Obama it is!”.. and all of them by my Indian friends, some of whom have either come here for education or are working in some company here, oh and some are cheering from back in India! Duh!!! Really???

Ask just one of them what Obama’s mandate and they don’t know shit about it. Ask them why they’re happy? I’m sure they know nothing about it..

My very good friend from school, who is currently in ISB Hyderabad, posts “Obama it is!”. I’d love to ask him what he means by that post. Is it a news update or is that a cheer for Obama? Either way to my understanding, it shouldn’t really affect his life as to who comes to power, at least not as long as he’s not planning to move to the US through one of the consultancies like TCS, Infosys or the other companies in the business. 

One thing is quite clear, Indians love US and will follow what the US does. And hence it doesn’t come as a surprise that the congress party in India likes to kiss US’ ass, and agree to US’ intervention in matters that concern our country and the neighbors and more..

And for the Indians here in the US, i’m quite sure they don’t understand that the reason they and their friends once ran the risk of VISA rejections is because of Obama’s policy of stopping people coming into his country for jobs. Which sounds very correct from America’s point of view, since i wouldn’t like people entering my country and taking my jobs, and America has been extremely generous in that aspect. But then again, as an Indian looking to go to the US, you really shouldn’t be cheering for Obama, unless you heard Roomney say “Immigrants get the hell out of my country!”, which i’m sure they didn’t even if he did say, just like i didn’t. 

One of my friends who’s in the US posts “Yes! Yes! Yes! Obama wins it!” I sure know this for a fact, he’s not an american citizen, but the excitement in his post seems all he wanted was Obama winning.. didn’t really care if he had a promotion pending the next day! 😀

I just hope i don’t turn into one of those US crazy phoney sounding Indian guys in 2 years time! 

Cheers Obama! God bless you and like you guys always keep saying (like an old record) God bless Umewrica.. ! 

Drink me up hearties!!!

Bye the Bye! 


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